About Us

“Threadsuns” is the title of a poem written by Paul Celan, published in the 1967 collection Breathturn. Pierre Joris’s translation of that poem reads:

above the grayblack wastes.
A tree-
high thought
grasps the light-tone: there are
still songs to sing beyond

The mission of Threadsuns is to act as an amplifier for such songs. Like Celan, the press will not be satisfied with a straightforward approach or easy resolutions. It will seek out work that challenges our assumptions from a variety of perspectives, publishing three full-length books each year: one book of prose and one book of poetry written in English, as well as a translated text of any genre.

Threadsuns is a teaching press of the High Point University English Department. Students assist in all aspects of the publishing workflow, including acquisitions, print and web editing, production, and marketing. When possible, the press acts in concert with High Point’s Phoenix Reading Series and literary magazine Apogee.

We are open to submissions of full-length manuscripts of poetry, prose, and translated texts year-round at threadsunspress@gmail.com.